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breathe 'n believe is dedicated to treating the whole person: body, emotions, mind, and spirit, through uniquely individual holistic treatments including Reiki and IET®. I am a certified REIKI and IET® (Integrated Energy Therapy®) Master Teacher. I work with crystals, essential oils (DoTERRA) and Angels. My job is to relax you and I am very good at it. Most people fall asleep during a session with me. While you relax you naturally heal. Incorporating the modalities mentioned above helps heal your body, mind, and soul. REIKI helps your energy flow the way it should and naturally makes you feel better. IET® goes to your cellular level. What that means is when you were born your energy flowed perfectly. Once negative things affected you it limited the natural flow of your energy. It was stored in your cellular level. Think of it as a computer hard drive. When you delete a file, it is not truly deleted until you eventually write over it with another file. IET® is like Norton Utilities. It erases the negative things you stored and gets your energy to flow the way it should.
Life is a Journey, why not let REIKI & IET® help you enjoy it!


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