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Best Known Pest Control

Best Known Pest Control

About Us

Best Known Pest Control is veteran owned and family ran business that Helps to educate customers on preventing and controlling pest issues with our different types of pest plans. Servicing residential and commercial properties we strive to maintain a personal relationship with all our customers by staying in constant communication with them.We are open all hours of the week and encourage all to reach out to see what plan best fits their needs. We deal with a variety of pests related issues/wildlife exclusion and and general Pest such as mice, ants, wasps, and more! We are highly motivated to help prevent pests in or around your home or business. Call us and ask about our Veteran/Police/ Fire/Ems discounts!


Dragon Fly on American flag eating its lunch
Blad faced hornet queen
Bed bugs on bed frame platform
Eastern Gray Squirrel exclusion
Eastern Gray Squirrel exclusion
Entry point for squirrels
Relocated baby squirrels (removed safely)
Mouse entry point
Excluiosn before and after from Squirrels

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